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Special Reminders

The Rules & Regulations Booklet of the Shannon Greene I Community is available at the KGMA office. All residents should make themselves familiar with this information. Should you find that you do not have a copy, please stop by and pick one up or just let us know and we will drop one off for you.

Pets and Courtesy

Please pay special attention to the rules governing pets. Increasingly there are issues with pet owners allowing their pets to urinate and defecate on turf areas, especially around units and/or buildings. This practice is unsightly, offensive to neighbors, unfair to our contractors who must walk these areas, and has ruined many lawn areas. If you are a pet owner, please be courteous and make sure that you use the supplies offered at all pet stations and dispose of pet material properly in the cans provided.


Please become familiar with the rules regarding vehicles and parking. The following vehicles are not allowed to be parked within any Kings Grant Community:

  1. Commercial vehicles (not allowed to be parked overnight)
  2. Vehicles in disrepair
  3. Vehicles without current registrations