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Lawn Service/Snow Removal

Lawn Cutting Schedule
Mowing and trimming is scheduled for Wednesdays (weather permitting) during the spring, summer and fall seasons. Please keep in mind that should we experience very dry and/or hot periods, the landscaping contractor may make the decision to skip a week, or go on a ten (10) day schedule.

The landscaping contract does not include cleaning up dog feces before mowing. Residents with pets must remember to clean up after pets. Pet stations are located within the Inverness Greene Community and stocked with supplies for proper cleanup. Pet feces left on the turf not only damages the turf but makes the environment very unpleasant for your neighbors.

The Inverness Greene Community contracts for private snow removal services. The services provided include the clearing of Inverness Circle and Eldon Way roads, all sidewalks and front steps to buildings, and parking areas. Please keep in mind that parking areas cannot be cleared until a vehicle is moved. The contractor will not shovel between vehicles, but will clear the entire space once a vehicle is removed.

Should you have any concerns in regard to snow removal, please contact The KGMA office at 856-983-6719.